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Trade Editions

Songs for the Devil and Death

Songs for the Devil and Death by Hal Duncan

I suggest reading it line by line, letting every word sink in slowly — drink it as you would a fine liquor, sip by sip, until the last word is gone. Even better, read it aloud (and loud). I assure you, my neighbors will never forget the day I read “Sonnets for Orpheus” at full strength. With poetry are such memories made.

Trade Editions

Jack o’ the Hills

Jack o the Hills

Jack Yap once had his mouth sewn shut for talking too much. His brother Pudding has to wear stone shoes or he’ll just wander off. Will little obstacles like these keep the boys out of trouble? Not for the twinkling of an eye. There is magic in the hills, shapechangers and monsters, and Jack Yap has a hankering to meet them all and maybe kill a few.