Author: Erzebet

Limited Editions

The Quiltmaker by Mike Allen

The Quiltmaker by Mike Allen

A quiet neighborhood seething with hidden sins. A troubled son returned, consumed by an evil beyond human ken. That will seek what his neighbors keep concealed, not just behind their doors, but inside their skins. A force that will peel them open, and stitch them all together again. A handbound book from Papaveria Press.

Trade Editions

The Theodora Goss collection

Goss Collection

Prose and poetry by Theodora Goss: In the Forest of Forgetting and Songs for Ophelia. Myth, magic, the slow turn of the seasons–enter the otherworlds of one of today’s most intriguing writers. With beautiful cover art by Virginia Lee. Introduced by Terri Windling (In the Forest of Forgetting) and Catherynne M. Valente (Songs for Ophelia), this collection showcases modern fantasy at its best.