The Museum of Shadows and Reflections

*Thanks to popular demand and critical acclaim, Unsettling Wonder is delighted to announce the release of the paperback edition of Claire Dean’s debut short story collection, The Museum of Shadows and Reflections, which has been long-listed for the 2017 Edge Hill Short Story Prize

Sometimes, we decide to try and live without our shadows. Sometimes we slip into someone else’s and live in their shape for a while. But try as we might, the old shadows linger. They’ve grown dusty, perhaps, brittle and faded, but look there—straggling out behind you and before you—the shadows of every shape you ever were, or once hoped to be. And when a new shape grows too heavy, when it gnaws holes in you or binds you, when your feathers fall to the carpet or the sand drags you underground, all your old shadows are still there… waiting.

A hauntingly powerful new voice in British fiction, this highly anticipated short story collection from Claire Dean showcases fourteen stories of wonder and memory, wind and water, metamorphosis and regret.

Katherine Langrish, author of The Troll trilogy, says:

Claire Dean’s fairy stories are for adults, not because anything in them is inappropriate for children, simply because most children would find them difficult to understand. Much is left hanging in the air, hinted yet unsaid. I was already familiar with a few of the stories which have previously appeared in various new fairy tale journals, and the words I’d have used to describe them would have been ‘beautiful’, ‘airy’, ‘delicate’. Now, ‘delicate’ is a word that isn’t always welcome: it can signal ‘slight’; surely ‘delicate’ rules out ‘powerful’? Well, Hans Christian Andersen could write beautiful, airy, delicate fairy tales which have the emotional kick of a mule. At her best so can Dean, and this collection showcases a very talented writer whose work is getting better and better. The illustrations by Laura Rae perfectly complement the text.

You can read the full review here on Katherine’s website, and see what others had to say in the release announcement from Unsettling Wonder here.

This title was originally released as a limited edition from Unsettling Wonder, an imprint of Papaveria Press.