Characters from Arthurian legend roaming unstuck and amnesiac in America’s deep South…

Newly released: Old Souls and the Grammar of Their Wanderings

Old Souls and the Grammar of Their Wanderings

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Berrien C. Henderson returns to Papaveria with more of his Southern Arthuriana — in this mini-collection of two poems, a short story, and a novelette, characters from Arthurian legend roam unstuck and amnesiac. Henderson pairs rural lyrics with magical realism; his unique style is both piquant and poignant. We walk the dirt roads hand in hand with myth and majesty not often found in our own world. Meet Art with his gun stuck in the pawnshop, his friend C.V. troubled by black dogs and Art himself by a white snake, and Old Man Fisher, stubborn as the hills, and Eva, the witch of the waters. Follow them down old country paths and watch as they work the magic of the deep South.

Sit a spell.

See how it plays out…

Inside you’ll find

Old Language
A Matter of Anachronisms, Archetypal yet Curious in Their Implications
Secret Tongues of an Old Dirt Road
Folk Unstuck and Haunted by Creatures Parlous Strange

along with forewords, afterwords, and acknowledgements. As an artist/publisher, this is exactly the kind of text I like to work with — an interstitial melding of magical poetry and prose on a subject dear to my heart. As a reader, this is the kind of unusual little book I love, so it should come as no surprise that I am overjoyed to add this title to Papaveria’s catalogue.