The Glastonbury Tarot Deluxe Edition

The Glastonbury Tarot

This edition of The Glastonbury Tarot by author and artist Lisa Tenzin-Dolma was limited to a strict 50 copies. It came with a square of silk, a handmade booklet which has been numbered and signed by the artist/author, and is enclosed in a hand carved wooden box. No more of this edition of the deck will ever be produced. SOLD OUT

First released by Gothic Image Publishers in Europe and by Weiser in the US and Canada in 1999, the cards and book have long been out of print — until now. With original art and text by Lisa Tenzin-Dolma, the deck focuses on the history and mythology of Glastonbury. Lisa’s striking images are ripe with colour and emotive resonance, and the deck has been well-loved by many throughout the years, with copies now selling for hundreds of pounds online. For the deluxe edition, the cards have been given a new look, both front and back, and Lisa has written a new guide to using the cards.