The Winter Triptych

The Winter Triptych

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The Winter Triptych is a story plucked from a tapestry’s thread. In one panel Liese is a scullery maid working in Queenskeep, where tragedy and treason have ruled for one hundred years. In the night, she chases ghosts up a winding stair. There, in another, Isele is a traitor’s hope, and here a huntsman seeks to unwind them from a curse’s knot. The panels flow together as the story unfolds, until ghosts and curses collide at the top of the Keep.

“Nicole Kornher-Stace is a remarkably fresh literary voice that sounds like no other. The dreamscapes she paints with her words are magical and breathtaking. As dangerous as it may be, you still want to walk around in her world and get to know the people there.” – Ann VanderMeer, editor of Weird Tales

“Nicole Kornher-Stace ‘The Winter Triptych’ is an icily glittering marvel of storytelling construction. This wicked tale of evil queens, mad huntsmen, martyred witches and a terrible curse that unfolds over a century executes its sleight-of-hand in diabolical layers. The immediate tableau before your eyes never flags as it pulls you in with its sweeping cast of characters, coldly terrifying villains and earnestly compelling heroines. And underneath it all, piece after piece locks and turns into place, until the entire triptych unfolds in a stunning revelation of inexorable fate, time-bending wonder and blood-curdling horror. I hold Nicole in both awe and envy: at the start of her career, she has already produced a masterwork.” –Mike Allen, Nebula Award nominee and editor of Clockwork Phoenix

“‘Winter Triptych’ is a ghost story Maid Marion would have read to Robin Hood under the covers. Joan of Arc, discovering a kindred spirit a few chapters in, would straightway have dictated a fan letter to the author. Had the child Snow White been told this tale, she’d’ve knocked out stepmama’s gimlet eye with one speedball pitch of her poisoned apple, then run away to the greenwood to join up with Black Meg and her outlaw band. Nicole Kornher-Stace plays with Time like it was her very own Tetris game. She has crafted a Winter Triptych out of words that reveals some startling new detail every time you open it. ” – CSE Cooney, author of The Big Bah-Ha

“‘The Winter Triptych’ is a gorgeous labyrinth of words, a vivid dream-world of ghosts, ruined towers, mad queens, and revenge biding its time. Its language is as rich as plum-cake, but it presents the reader with a challenge as well, parts that fit together like puzzle-pieces to form a story familiar and yet not, darker and stranger than the fairytale we remember. This is a story to savor by a fire on a cold night. Be warned: it will continue to sing in your head long after you have laid down the book.” –Theodora Goss, author of In the Forest of Forgetting

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Nicole Kornher-Stace was born in Philadelphia in 1983, moved from the East Coast to the West Coast and back again by the time she was five, and currently lives in New Paltz, NY, with one husband, two ferrets, one Changeling, and many many books. Her short fiction and poetry has appeared or is forthcoming in a number of magazines and anthologies, including Best American Fantasy, Clockwork Phoenix 3, and Fantasy Magazine. Her poem “The Changeling Always Wins” placed 2nd in the 2010 short form Rhysling Award, and her short fiction has been longlisted for the British Fantasy Awards and nominated for the Pushcart Prize. She is the author of one novel, Desideria, and her featured poems from the Summer 2009 issue of Goblin Fruit are collected in the lusciously-illustrated chapbook Demon Lovers and Other Difficulties. For further miscellany, check out her blog at