Papaveria goes Digital

Since 2005, Papaveria has been known for its limited editions–handbound books in miniature or other odd sizes, lovingly crafted, glued and sewn objects of words made art. What has not been so evident is my love of technology, but from the beginning I have always been interested in advances in the field, especially where book creation is concerned. Limits on time and resources have historically prevented me from doing some of the things I’d like to do, and until now I’ve watched the ebook revolution unfold around me with some envy. No, I will never stop making traditional books. I love them too much. But I also love books, period, no matter what form they take. I in no way feel threatened by ebooks – I embrace them as a new medium to explore and I need your help.

Papaveria has created its first ebook, and I need you to test the files for me. I am giving away The Winter Triptych (forthcoming in February 2011) in two ebook formats (.epub and .mobi) for purposes of testing the files to see how they work on your device(s). These are test files, meaning the text has not yet had its final edit, and some changes may be made before the release of the book. Everyone who takes me up on this offer will receive a copy of the final ebook upon its release.

If you would like to help Papaveria, and get a free ebook in return, all you have to do is contact me and ask for the file in the format of your choice. I’ll email you the file (you can have both if you like) and all you have to do is let me know if it works. I am especially interested in how it displays on the Kindle, as I haven’t got one of those.

Please email me at papaveria (at) if you’d like to help. Do not use the contact form on the website – I use the gmail address to track special offerings like this. Thank you!