Songs for the Devil and Death

It is with great pleasure that we announce the release of Songs for the Devil and Death, a collection of primal poetry by Hal Duncan.

Songs for the Devil and Death by Hal Duncan

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Hal Duncan is perhaps best known for his novels Vellum and Ink, but as followers of Papaveria know he is also a poet whose incredible works have so far defied my ability to write a fitting blurb. I have interviewed Hal about his poetry here, and have been struggling for a week to create a viable advert for this most impressive book. The only thing I can say to you now is buy the book and see for yourself what fury Hal has unleashed.

They tell me poetry is a hard sell, there’s no money in it, it’s day is done. I don’t believe one word. Whether there be money in it or not was never poetry’s point, and it’s day will never be done. They tell me people are afraid of poetry, they don’t understand it, they don’t know how to read it. I suggest reading it line by line, letting every word sink in slowly — drink it as you would a fine liquor, sip by sip, until the last word is gone. Even better, read it aloud (and loud). I assure you, my neighbors will never forget the day I read “Sonnets for Orpheus” at full strength. With poetry are such memories made.

We at Papaveria are very proud of this book, and hope you will find enjoyment in it, too.