Books in, books out

Here’s an image I nicked from Jeff Peachey‘s blog that pretty much sums it up:

Ha! The Winter Triptych and Jack o’ the Hills arrived on Monday and it’s been nothing but shipping and handling ever since. The postman trembles in fear when I arrive! My desk is an absolute litter of receipts, customs forms and labels and the piles of books have been diminishing so quickly that I’m already going to have to order more. The response to these two books has been phenomenal and I offer a hearty thanks to those of you who have purchased, blogged and reviewed Papaveria’s latest offerings.

All remaining orders will go out tomorrow at the latest. Today’s primary objective is to NOT fall into the box of peanuts again. Fun as it was, it took forever to get the styrofoam out of my hair.

  • C.S.E. Cooney

    Was it all too much? Did the box of peanuts leer at you and beckon with lascivious styrofoam fingers? Did you have to take that leap?

    Stay safe and AWAY from large boxes!

    Thank you so much for all your WORK!!! Eeeek!!!

  • Alex D M

    The response to these two books has been phenomenal

    So happy for the Press and for Nicole and Claire! And I await with great eagerness the arrival of a little parcel…

    • Erzebet

      Thank you! Now that the shipping is nearly done, tomorrow I may even brave my inbox and get some emails answered. hehe