Songs for the Devil and Death

Songs for the Devil and Death by Hal Duncan

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A primal collection of verse from the master of language, Hal Duncan, Songs for the Devil and Death touches the very heart of what it is to be human in this most inhuman world. Here is deep grief. Here is red rage. Here is the genesis of pain, and an ecstasy to soothe it. Here are words that pare lies from truth, and damn all those who think otherwise.

This poetry should not be spoken; it must be shouted, chanted, and sung in every graveyard, in every pulpit, in every home.

Quote from a Reader:

“Caution: reading Songs for the Devil and Death on the bus will cause you to blush furiously in public, occasionally cover your mouth with your hand, stifle nervous giggles, shake your head in amazement, and then text Erzebet Carr to demand an explanation for this exquisite filth.”

You have been warned.

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“Sing with me – Io! Io! – as a man possessed,
this consummation of kouroi in coitus, bound
as gods in flesh and bone and skin, and blessed,
mortal divinity unlost but ever found.”

— from Sonnets for Kouroi Old and New