The Glamour Down Two Path Roads

The Glamour Down Two Path Roads

Here lies snytactic mystery from strange and alien tongues, unstuck and bound to the land where “Once upon a time” wedges itself in the treated-pine cracks in the doorstep of a drunkard’s single-wide trailer, and holy blood and holy roods are nothing more than cheap wine and scarecrow staves out of some dead land.
Write it on your heart.
Mark it ye.



The Glamour Down Two Path Roads combines “Old Language”, a long poem that begins our journey into a magical American south where questing beasts and enchanted swords take on a shape of their own, and the short story “A Matter of Anachronisms, Archetypal yet Curious in Their Implications”, which takes us deeper into the world Berrien has created. Berrien also provides an Afterword, a fascinating look into the development of both of these pieces and the characters that bring them to life.

A full faux-snakesin binding encloses antique laid paper and parchment endpapers. 45 pages. Black corners highlight the title, which has been printed on metallic gold paper. There is one interior illustration provided by the binder.

Limited edition of 18 numbered copies.

Berrien C. Henderson lives in the deepest, darkest wilds of southeast Georgia with his wife and two children. He teaches high school English, is a long-time martial artist, and has a big geeky spot in his heart for literature, speculative fiction, and comic books.

Among other places, his work can be found in Kaleidotrope, Jabberwocky 4, Clarkesworld Magazine, Farrago’s Wainscot, Fantasy Magazine, Behind the Wainscot, The Shantytown Anomaly, Membra Disjecta, The Journal of Asian Martial Arts, and Drollerie Press. He has been nominated twice for a Dwarf Stars Award from the SFPA.