Part creation myth, part fable about the power of belief, Genesis by Joel Fried gives voice to one of the founding principles of Papaveria itself. Such a seemingly simple thing is belief—we either have it or we don’t, and usually whether we have it or not depends on factors so varied that we cannot name them all. And yet, it is a simple thing, for we only do those things in which we believe.

The book is case bound with a reinforced spine including headbands. It is covered in a celestial print paper with standard black bookcloth on the spine and the title in gold, metallic paper. Inside, the endleaves are of a gold translucent paper and images are included on the inner front and back covers.

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Joel Fried studied philosophy at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst. When he is not thinking deep and important thoughts, he writes fiction and poetry, unless he needs inspiration, in which case he probably has his nose in a book.